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On December 23, 2019, Shanghai Hante Marine Accessories Co., Ltd. successfully provided boarding and maintenance services for a large ship customer. After overnight rush repairs, the large ship returned to normal work and set sail safely.

Hante's annual emergency and inventory spare parts supply service

It is understood that on the morning of the 23rd, the maintenance team of Shanghai Hante Marine Accessories Co., Ltd., after receiving the request for boarding and maintenance from the large ship customer, made a quick response and dispatched the most capable maintenance team, including 4 engineers and 3 technical workers, with the spare parts urgently needed by the customer, and rushed to the anchorage of Huaniao Island in Zhoushan. The specially-assigned person shall quickly prepare the required spare parts, pack and pack them, prepare to board the ship, and board the faulty ship within 3 hours.


After boarding the ship, the professional maintenance team of Hunt Ship quickly checked the ship's faults and developed solutions on the site: first, repair and replace the high-pressure oil pump of 1 cylinder and 2 cylinders; Second, high-pressure oil pump VIT adjustment. After the overnight rush repair by the Hante maintenance team, the schedule of the ship was guaranteed and the ship set sail safely in the morning of the 24th.

In December, our company carried out five repairs on board, including bulk cargo ships, container ships and other ship types. Our company has set up a number of professional repair and maintenance teams, which are on standby 24 hours, quick response, with its rich experience, accurate and professional services, to escort all kinds of ships! At the same time, in order to solve the customers' worries, Hante has created the "spare parts supply service", which is a kind of after-sales service work that Hante provides spare parts for its repair parts when providing ship repair services for customers. It fully reflects Hante's ability to supply all aspects of products in stock and after-sales service guarantee, which makes Hante stand out in the competition of the same industry and has obtained strategic advantages.

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